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Class: none
TMetaInfo = record
  Keywords   : string[255];
  Caption    : string[127];
  FilePath   : string[127];
  Descriptor : string[255];
  Comment    : string[255];

The record TMetaInfo defines the meta information which is stored along with a BLOB in the database. The meta information record contains the following items:

Keywords Keywords on the contents of the BLOB. The keywords should be separated by semicolons.
Caption The caption of the BLOB.
FilePath The path of the original file including the filename. Please note that the filename stored in the Data property may differ from the original filename (e.g. after a renaming operation).
Descriptor An arbitrary descriptor specifying additional information. The format is not defined a priori and can be adjusted to the requirements of a particular application.
Comment A short comment about the item (max. 255 characters).

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06