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Unit: SDL_geobasics
Class: none
TGeoEllipsoid = (gelWGS84, gelWGS72, gelWGS66, gelWGS60,
                 gelClrk80, gelClrk66, gelBess41, gelBess41Jap,
                 gelBess41Nam, gelNewInt67, gelInt24, gelEver69,
                 gelEver56, gelEver48, gelEver30, gelEverPak,
                 gelEverest, gelGRS80, gelAiry30, gelModifAiry,
                 gelFish68, gelFish60, gelModifFish60, gelAuNat65,
                 gelKrass40, gelHough60, gelSphere, gelIndo74,
                 gelHelm06, gelSGS85, gelSAm69, gelATS77,
                 gelAuthSph, gelBesselMod, gelCGCS2000,
                 gelClrk58, gelClrk66Mich, gelClrk80, gelClrk80Arc,
                 gelClrk80Benoit, gelClrk80IGN, gelClrk80intfoot,
                 gelClrk80SGA22, gelDan76, gelEver30, gelEver75,
                 gelGEM10C, gelGRS67, gelGRS67Mod, gelHughes80,
                 gelIAG75, gelInt24AuthSph, gelOSU86F, gelOSU91A,
                 gelPlessis17, gelPopVisSphere, gelPZ90, gelStruve60,
                 gelWarOffice, gelHongKong63, gelNahrwan29);

The type declaration TGeoEllipsoid defines the available ellipsoid data used in various mapping routines. See GeoEllipsoidData for details.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20