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Class: none
Declaration: TgdbItem = (gitBorder, gitTown, gitCity, gitLake, gitRiver, gitRoad, gitRoute, gitBLOB, gitUndefined);

The type TgdbItem declares the kind of database entry. The following types of database items are defined:

Item BLOB Data Description
gitBorder polygon country border
gitTown - specifies the location of a small town without outline data
gitCity polygon specifies the border of a larger town
gitLake polygon lake
gitRiver polygon river
gitRoad polygon road
gitRoute polygon an arbitrary route defined by the user
gitBLOB file or data structure can be used to store files (e.g. photo material) or other binary data (records, streams) in the database
gitUndefined - Initially set after calling ClearGdbData. The database should not contain any items of this type. This value is used in database searches as an "ignore" value.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20