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TDTLabel = class (TPersistent)
               ...(removed for brevity)
               procedure AssignTo (Dest: TPersistent); override;
               procedure Assign(Source: TPersistent); override;
               procedure Changed;
               property TimeFormat: TTimeFormat read FTimeFormat write SetTimeFormat;
               property DateSeparator: char read FDateSeparator write SetDateSeparator;
               property TimeSeparator: char read FTimeSeparator write SetTimeSeparator;
               property YearLength: TYearLength read FYearLength write SetYearLength;
               property MonthName: boolean read FMonthName write SetMonthName;
               property DateOrder: TDateOrder read FDateOrder write SetDateOrder;
               property DateForTime: TDateForTime read FDateForTime write SetDateForTime;
               property OnChange: TNotifyEvent read FOnChange write FOnChange;

The TDTLabel class has been defined to provide convenient access to the time and date label properties within the object inspector and contains the following properties and methods:

TimeFormat The TTimeFormat property determines the format of the time. TTimeFormat may take the following values: tfHHMMSS, tfHHhMM, tfAMPM.
DateSeparator The date separator may be any printable character.
TimeSeparator The time separator may be any printable character.
YearLength The YearLength property determines how many digits are used for the display of the year (2, 4, or none at all). YearLength may take the following value: ylNone, ylYY, ylYYYY.
MonthName The month is displayed by its 3-character abbreviation, if MonthName is set to TRUE. Otherwise the number of the month is used.
DateOrder The DateOrder property determines the order of the date items in the date labels. The following values are available: doMMDDYY, doDDMMYY, doYYMMDD.
DateForTime The DateForTime property defines the way how the date labels are placed, if an axis is displayed which is in the range below a few days. DateForTime may take one of the following values: dtNone, dtOnePerChart, dtOnePerDay, dtAllTicks.
OnChange Event triggered when any parameter of the date label is changed.
Changed triggers the OnChange event

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06