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Class: none
Declaration: TDrawLandMarkEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; var Handled: boolean; Canvas: TCanvas; APoint: TPoint; const LandMarkData: TLandMark) of object;

The TDrawLandMarkEvent type declares the event OnDrawLandMark. The parameter Handled is FALSE by default. If you set it to TRUE you signal to the TGeoMap component that you have processed the event (i.e. drawn the landmark yourself) and TGeoMap should not perform any further actions. The parameter Canvas provides access to the canvas where the landmark is to be drawn. APoint contains the position of the landmark in pixel coordinates. The parameter LandMarkData provides the specific data of the landmark (e.g. color, size, type of landmark, etc).

Attention: This declaration has been changed with the introduction of release 10.1 of the SDL Suite: '...const Canvas...' has been replaced by '...Canvas...'. Please see the section How to Deal with a Canvas Reference Change for details.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-26