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Class: none
Declaration: TCPUFeatures = (cpuft_fpu, cpuft_vme, cpuft_de, cpuft_pse, cpuft_tsc, cpuft_msr, cpuft_pae, cpuft_mce, cpuft_cx8, cpuft_apic, cpuft_sepamd, cpuft_sep, cpuft_mtrr, cpuft_pge, cpuft_mca, cpuft_cmov, cpuft_pat, cpuft_pse36, cpuft_serial, cpuft_clflush, cpuft_reserved1, cpuft_dts, cpuft_acpi, cpuft_mmx, cpuft_xsr, cpuft_simd, cpuft_simd2, cpuft_ss, cpuft_reserved2, cpuft_tm, cpuft_ia64, cpuft_3dnow);

The type declaration TCPUFeatures declares the set of CPU features used by the microprocessor manufacturers. Please note that conflicting bits among the manufacturers are resolved by using the definitions of Intel (bits cpuft_pat and cpuft_xsr).

Example: This type is used in the following example program (see for downloading the code): cpuinfo

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20