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Declaration:TCGDispMode = (dmSkeleton, dmHeteroOnly, dmAllAtoms, dmNumbers);

TCGDispMode defines the type of the graphics display of a chemical structure. It can assume one of the four following variants:

dmSkeleton Display of the skeleton of the molecule without any further information (only a line drawing of the graph of the molecule). However, charged atoms are indicated by their atom symbol and the associated charge.
dmHeteroOnly The structure is shown with the hetero-atoms indicated explicitly by their atomic symbols; carbon atoms are not indicated. This mode is the most common way to display structures.
dmAllAtoms All atoms of the structure (including the C-atoms) are displayed by their atomic symbols.
dmNumbers The atoms are indicated by their indices within the connection table. This mode is usually only useful for debugging purposes. Note that the indices of the atoms do not have any chemical meaning.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20