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Class: TRChart
Declaration: property StyleElements: TStyleElements;

The property StyleElements determines which parts of the chart are subject to changes by styles. Please note, that the StyleElements override the following chart colors (all other colors, especially the data colors, are not affected by the selected style and may have to be adjusted programmatically):

Option Affected Property Explanation
seFont ScalePropsX[i].Font.Color the color of the labels along the x-axis i
ScalePropsY[j].Font.Color the color of the labels along the y-axis j
ScalePropsX[i].ColorScale, ScalePropsY[j].ColorScale the color of the scale ticks of the x- and the y-scales
Font.Color color of the chart caption
seBorder ChartFrameColor the color of the rectangle enclosing the data area of the chart
seClient ChartColor color of the chart background
WindColor color of the scale area background
ShadowColor and ShadowBakColor colors of the 3D shadow

Hint 1: The property StyleElements is available only under RadStudio 10.0 (XE3) or higher.

Last Update: 2023-Dec-13