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Declaration:property SpectrumSize: integer;

The property SpectrumSize determines the length of the data array used for the Fourier transform. SpectrumSize must be a power of 2, with a minimum value of 4 and a maximum of 16 million points. Setting SpectrumSize to a value other than a power of 2 will result in an error message. Please note that the data buffers RealSpec and ImagSpec are cleared if the SpectrumSize is changed.

Hint 1: If the number of data to be transformed differs from a power of 2, you should fill the unused elements of the data buffer with zero values.

Hint 2: In the Light Edition the size of the spectrum is restricted to 1024 data points.

Example: This property is used in the following example programs (see for downloading the code): fft60hz, fft, foursynt, ftfilter

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20