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Declaration:procedure SetScaleFactors (sfx, sfy, sfz: double);

When the property AutoScale is set TRUE, the coordinates of the data are scaled internally in a way that the data fit into an invisible cube of a predefined size (the size of this imaginary cube is determined by the Magnification property). Depending on the state of the property IsoMetric it is either necessary to adjust the scaling for each axis individually, or to apply a single common scaling factor. The calculation of the scaling factors is performed automatically if the AutoScale property is set to TRUE (which is the default case). Under some circumstances, however, it is desirable that the internal scaling factors can be controlled by the user.

The procedure SetScaleFactors sets all three internal scaling factors at once, which has some advantages over setting these factors individually by means of the properties ScaleFactX, ScaleFactY, and ScaleFactZ.

Note, that the three scaling factors can be set independently of each other only if the property IsoMetric is FALSE. Otherwise, only the first scaling factor sfx has an effect on the scaling.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20