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Class: TBoxPlot
Declaration: procedure SetRange (xLo, yLo, xHi, yHi: extended);

The method SetRange sets the extents of the boxplot chart at once and redraws it using the new scaling. The parameters xLo, yLo, xHi, and yHi specify the ranges of the x- and the y-axis. This method is of importance for cases where the range of a boxplot chart should be adjusted dynamically (e.g. following the movement of a mouse) because of avoiding any unnecessary calculation of the scales.

In case of invalid parameters (e.g. negative values with logarithmic scales) SetRange is not executed at all (no exception is generated). If any of the axes has no extent (i.e. xLo =xHi, or yLo =yHi ), the range of the axis is automatically set to +/-Scale1X.MinRange/2 and Scale1Y.MinRange/2, respectively, of the mid value.

Hint 1: In order to set the ranges in a way that all graphics elements are visible, the method AutoRange can be used.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20