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Declaration:property Selection: TGridRect;

The property Selection holds the cell coordinates of the upper left and the lower right corner of a selected range of the report list. Note, that Selection can only indicate more than one cell when the Options property includes goRangeSelect, and excludes goEditing.

Further, please be aware of the fact that Selection returns grid cell coordinates (not table coordinates). Thus the returned values for the sub-properties Top and Bottom depend on the visibility of the column and common headers.

Hint 1: The Selection property is automatically set outside the available cells if the property RowSelectMode is set to a zero value. This turns off the selection indicator (dotted line round selection area) and disables all further selections.

Hint 2: In general, the array property RowSelected is a better alternative for selecting rows of TReportListview.

Example: This property is used in the following example program (see for downloading the code): geodata

Last Update: 2016-Dez-18