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Unit: SDL_math2
Class: TStringSearch
Declaration: property SearchExpression: string;

The property SearchExpression contains the search expression. The search expression may be any number of substrings in a logical combination of ANDs, ORs and NOTs. Parantheses may be used to adjust operator precedence. The logical operators are represented by the following single-character symbols:

Operator Symbol
AND + (plus)
OR , (comma)
NOT ~ (tilde)

Hint: Please note that in the current implementation the substrings to be searched must consist of the digits '0..9', the characters 'a..z', 'A..Z', '_', the German umlauts '', and the German ''. All other characters result in an "invalid search expression" exception.

Following are a few examples of valid search expressions:

Expression Explanation
(wine,water)+taste either "wine" or "water" and "taste" are required to be part of the search string
(wine+milk),water both "wine" and "milk", or "water" are part of the search string
micro+~processor "micro" but not "processor" are part of the search string

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06