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The constant SDLVersionInfo is defined for each unit of the SDL Component Suite. It references the version string which consists of three parts separated by underscore ('_') characters:


The 'unitname' part contains the name of the unit (all lowercase letters), the 'versionnum' part contains the version number in form of a three or four digit numeric string. Dividing the version number obtained from this string by 100 results in the actual release number. Finally, the 'edition' part contains either the substring 'full' for the registered (paid) version, or 'lighted' for the free Light Edition.

Example: Suppose the SDLVersionInfo contains the following string: 'replist_807_lighted'. This string indicates that you are working with release 8.07 of the light edition of the unit 'replist'.

Hint: Please note that the constant SDLVersionInfo is declared in each of the units of the SDL Suite using the same identifier. Thus you have to use a fully qualified name in order to access the version information (e.g. SDL_replist.SDLVersionInfo).

Last Update: 2023-Dec-08