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Unit: SDL_dstruct
Class: TFeatureMatrix
Declaration: procedure SaveToOpenFile (const OFile: TextFile);

The method SaveToOpenFile stores the contents of the feature matrix as a structured text file, writing the matrix data into the open file OFile.

Hint: See the description of the Save procedure for a specification of the file format.

Example: The following code snippet shows how to use SaveToOpenFile to embed the feature matrix data in a text file:
  FM     : TFeatureMatrix;
  AFile  : TextFile;

assignfile (AFile, 'c:\temp\myfile.txt');
rewrite (Afile);
... optionally, store other information
FM.SavetoOpenFile (AFile);  // store the feature matrix
... store other information
closefile (AFile);

Last Update: 2017-Apr-18