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Class: TKohonen
Declaration: procedure SaveAsXMLFile (FName: string; DataID: string);

The method SaveAsXMLFile stores a trained network on a file. The network parameters are stored as XML tags and can be reloaded from the disk by the method LoadFromXMLFile. The parameter FName specifies the file name, the parameter DataID holds a unique user defined identifier which is stored as the attribute "id " of the <kohonen> tag.

Hint: In order to store additional user defined information about the trained network you may use the property Comment  whose content is stored along with the network data.

Example: The following example shows the XML code generated by SaveAsXMLFile:
<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!-- TKohonen / SDL Component Suite -->
<kohonen sig="SDLCSuite" vers="6.0" id="TestFlriedw">
<maxalpha> 1.00000000000000E+0000</maxalpha>
<meanstddev ix="1"> 2.14896000000000E+0002  3.76554066150171E-0001</meanstddev>
<meanstddev ix="2"> 1.30121500000000E+0002  3.61025549267074E-0001</meanstddev>
<meanstddev ix="3"> 1.29956500000000E+0002  4.04071925030159E-0001</meanstddev>
<meanstddev ix="4"> 9.41750000000000E+0000  1.44460310836697E+0000</meanstddev>
<meanstddev ix="5"> 1.06505000000000E+0001  8.02946677453906E-0001</meanstddev>
<meanstddev ix="6"> 1.40483500000000E+0002  1.15226573829518E+0000</meanstddev>
<cell ix="1" iy="1" is="1">-3.51302476376919E-0001</cell>
<cell ix="1" iy="1" is="2">-1.09138170113331E+0000</cell>
<cell ix="1" iy="1" is="3">-1.07526339734180E+0000</cell>
<cell ix="1" iy="1" is="4">-7.80270057116399E-0001</cell>
<cell ix="1" iy="1" is="5">-7.28082283921716E-0001</cell>
<cell ix="1" iy="1" is="6">8.99022709547614E-0001</cell>
<cell ix="1" iy="2" is="1">2.29224588404605E-0001</cell>
<cell ix="1" iy="2" is="2">-5.92469768903536E-0001</cell>
<cell ix="3" iy="3" is="5">1.03348150211450E+0000</cell>
<cell ix="3" iy="3" is="6">-8.91616468171279E-0001</cell>

Example: This method is used in the following example program (see for downloading the code): kohmap

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20