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Declaration:property RowSelected[r: longint]: boolean;

The array property RowSelected determines which of the rows are selected. Selected rows are displayed by using the colors ColorSelectedRow and ColorSelectedRowText. The selection of rows can be performed either programmatically by setting the corresponding elements of the array property RowSelected to TRUE, or interactively by clicking on the rows to be selected. Holding down the Ctrl- or the Shift-Button while clicking the mouse allows to select several individual rows, or a range of rows. Note that the interactive selection of multiple rows is only possible if the property RowSelectMode is set to 2.

Hint: RowSelected is by no ways related to the property Selection. While RowSelected allows an arbitrary combination of rows to be selected, the property Selection is only applicable to a closed range of selected rows.

Example: This property is used in the following example program (see for downloading the code): geodata

Last Update: 2016-Dez-18