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Unit: SDL_minical
Class: TMiniCal
Declaration: function RetrieveHoliday (HDIndex: integer; var Day, Month, Year: integer; var IsRepeatHDay: boolean; var Description: string): boolean;

The method RetrieveHoliday retrieves a particular holiday from the list of user-defined holidays. The parameter HDIndex is the index into the list and may assume values between 1 and NumHolidays.

The variable parameters Day, Month, and Year return the date of the selected holiday, the variable parameter IsRepeatHDay returns TRUE if the selected holiday is a repeating holiday (in this case the parameter Year is set to -99999, but programs should not rely on this value as it may be changed in the future). The variable parameter Description returns the user-defined description of the holiday.

The function returns a TRUE value if the returned parameters are valid (i.e. if HDIndex has been set within the allowed range).

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20