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Unit: SDL_dstruct
Class: TFeatureMatrix
Declaration: function Resize (NFeats, NObjs: integer): boolean;

The method Resize serves to change the dimensions of the feature matrix during run-time. The parameters NFeats and NObjs determine the intended new size of the array (number of columns and number of rows). Resize returns a TRUE value if the new array has been resized successfully.

Hint 1: Any excess cells which were not covered by the original feature matrix are set to empty/undefined cells. Additional features (=columns of the matrix) are intialized to the fkUndefined state.

Hint 2: In the Light Edition the max. number of cells of the string array is restricted to 2000 (i.e. the product of NFeatures times NObjects must not exceed 2000).

Last Update: 2017-Apr-17