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Unit: SDL_geobasics
Class: none
Declaration: [1] function RecipFlattening (Ellipsoid: TGeoEllipsoid): double;
[2] function RecipFlattening (SemiMajorAx, SemiMinorAx: double): double;
[3] function RecipFlattening (SqrEcc: double): double;

The function RecipFlattening calculates the reciprocal flattening (1/f) of an ellipsoid:

1/f = a/(a-b)

with a = semimajor axis, and b = semiminor axis.

Version [1] calculates it from the ellipsoid given by the parameter Ellipsoid, version [2] calculates the reciprocal flattening from the lengths of the semimajor and semiminor axes (parameters SemiMajorAx and SemiMinorAx), and version [3] computes it from the squared eccentriticy SqrEcc.

Hint: Please note that in order to avoid problems with an infinite return value the function RecipFlattening returns a zero value for perfect spheres (which actually have an infinite reciprocal flattening)

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06