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Unit: SDL_sdlbase
Class: TCustomTextLabel
Declaration: function ReadFromOpenXMLFile (var InFile: TextFile; DataID: string): boolean;

The function ReadFromOpenXMLFile reads a text label from the current position of the file InFile. If the parameter DataID is empty, the first <custtextlbl> tag is evaluated and read into the label object. If DataID is not empty, the entire rest of the open file InFile is read until a <custtextlbl> tag is found whose attribute "id" matches DataID (the recognition of the "id" attribute is not case-sensitive). The function ReadFromOpenXMLFile returns TRUE if both a valid starting tag <custtextlbl> and a valid end tag </custtextlbl> has been found and the label data has been updated. In this case the OnChange event is triggered.

Hint: For a sample of the XML code please see WriteToOpenXMLFile.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20