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Public Constants

Constant Value Explanation
CSVDELIMITERS #0, ' ', ';', ',', ':', #9 constant array containing the characters used as separators in CSV files
CSVDELIMITERIDS 'undefined', 'blank', 'semicolon', 'comma', 'colon', 'tab' constant array containing the names of the defined CSV separators
IDS_APPLYCOLROW 'apColumns', 'apRows' constant array containing the identifiers of the type TApplyColRow
IDS_RESCALEMODE 'sctMeanCenter', 'sctStandardize', 'sctConstSum', 'sctConstSquaredSum', 'sctMaxAbs', 'sctRange', 'sctQNormalize', 'sctSquash', 'sctUndefined' constant array containing the identifiers of the scaling mode
IsLightEd - see description
LENGBUF4096 4096 length of TBuf4096
LENGBUF16K 16384 length of TBuf16K
LENGNAMESTR 50 length of a variable name, column header, etc., see TNameStr
MAXCANVASMARKS 51 The constant MAXCANVASMARKS specifies the highest symbol number available in the TMarkSel component and in the DrawMarkOnCanvas and the CreateMarkAsBitMap procedures (symbol numbers run from 0 to MAXCANVASMARKS).
MAXMTRACE 5000 maximum number of points stored along a mouse trace
MAXNUMRCLAYERS 16 (paid version)
2 (Light Edition)
max. number of RChart layers
SMALLPOSNUM 1.0*10-15 a small positive number at the limit of precision of double floating point numbers
MonthLong - see description
MonthShort - see description
NumWords - see description
Release - see description
SDLVersionInfo - see description
WeekDayLong - see description
WeekDayShort - see description

Last Update: 2023-May-03