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Public Constants

Constant Value Explanation
defLRim 50 default left margin
defRRim 10 default right margin
defTRim 16 default top margin
defBRim 32 default bottom margin
defShadowWidth 0 default width of shadow
defPenStyle psSolid default pen style
defDataCol clblack default data color
defChartFrameCol clBlack default chart frame color
defFillCol clSilver default fill color
defChartCol clWhite default chart background color
defWindCol clBtnFace default window background color
defGridCol clBlack default grid color
defLineWid 1 default line width
defRCHeight 200 default height
defRCWidth 280 default width
IsLightEd - see description
constants used to select which parameters are to be
returned by the function ItemDescription
MinRCWidth 80 minimum width of RChart control
MinRCHeight 20 minimum height of RChart control
MaxDataUsers 4 maximum number of data shares
MaxCrossH 4 number of crosshairs
MAXLONGTEXTS 50 maximum number of text elements which are not restricted in their text length, see Text for details
MAXPPA 200 size of internal polygon buffer
MAXSHORTTXTLENG 15 max. length of short text elements
MaxTickPos 50 maximum number of synchronized grid lines
MaxTxtLbl 30 number of text labels
MaxZoomStack 16 depth of zoom stack
Release - see description
SDLVersionInfo - see description

Last Update: 2023-May-01