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Class: none
Declaration: ProcStat: double;

This globally defined variable serves as a means for communicating the state of some potentially lengthy calculations to the outside world. It is incremented on a regular basis by certain routines (i.e. SortArray, CalcCovar, CalcEigVec, CalcPrincComp, FindCenters, Invert, Square, SimPLS, MeanOfLayersToMatrix, StdDevOfLayersToMatrix, MinimumOfLayersToMatrix, MaximumOfLayersToMatrix, kMeansClustering, and Resample). Thus a timer interrupt routine can access this variable and display its value during the calculations. This method provides an efficient way to check whether the system hangs or is involved in lengthy calculations. The initialization of ProcStat is left up to the user.

Alternatively, a routine showing the progress of some calculation can be assigned to the call-back routine MathFeedBackProc. This routine is called whenever ProcStat is increased.

Example: This public variable is used in the following example program (see for downloading the code): findcent

Last Update: 2015-Jun-11