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Class: TCurveFit
Declaration: function Predict (RegModel: TRegModel; XVal, p: double; PolyOrder: integer; var PredVal, PredIv, ConfIv: double): integer;

The function Predict calculates the predicted y value PredVal at the position XVal for the regression model type specified by the parameter RegModel. In addition to the predicted value the method also calculates the prediction interval (PredIv) and the confidence interval (ConfIv) for the estimated y value. These two intervals are calculated at the confidence level p (valid range: 0.5 ≤ p < 1.0).

The parameter PolyOrder specifies the order of the polynomial in the case of a (centered) polynomial (RegModel = rmPolynomial or RegModel = rmCenteredPoly). For all other types of regression models the value of PolyOrder is ignored.

Please note that this method automatically calls the corresponding regression method to estimate the regression parameters if these parameters are not yet available.

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06