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Unit: SDL_rchart
Class: TContourPlot
Declaration: property OnBeforeRenderChartItem: TBeforeRenderCItemEvent;
{ TBeforeRenderCItemEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; var ChartItem: TRcChartItem; Index: integer; IsAnnotation: boolean) of object; }

The OnBeforeRenderChartItem event provides a hook for adjusting the properties of a chart item before it is actually rendered. The chart item is accessible via the variable parameter ChartItem.

In addition, you can directly access the corresponding container item using the parameters Index and IsAnnotation. Index is the index into the chart/annotation container, IsAnnotation indicates whether the item is an annotation element (IsAnnotation = TRUE) or a regular chart element (IsAnnotation = FALSE). Depending on the IsAnnotation parameter you can access and manipulate either DataContainer[Index] or AnnoContainer[Index].

Hint: Changing any properties of the ChartItem parameter influences the way this particular chart item is rendered but does not change its properties in the corresponding entry of the data or annotation container. If you want to permanently change the container item you have to explicitly change the corresponding container entry.

Last Update: 2023-Dec-13