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Declaration:function Octal (innum: longint; places: byte): string;

The function Octal returns a string which represents the integer number 'innum' in octal notation. The resulting octal number will be created using 'places' digits, any leading zeros will be filled in. The parameter 'places' may take values between 1 and 11.

Hint: If the parameter 'places' is specified smaller than 1 or larger than 11 'places' will be automatically confined to these values without any notification. If 'places' is too small to create the octal representation of 'innum' correctly the resulting string will be truncated.

Example: The statement "write (Octal (2334,5));" displays the number 2334 in octal notation using five digits ('04436');

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20