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Class: TDataTable
Declaration: property NominalID [Col, Ord: longint]: TNominalIDStr;

The array property NominalID allows you to specify and modify the nominal identifiers for each variable (column) of the data matrix. The parameter Col represents the column number for which the nominal identifier is to be set, the parameter Ord is the ordinal number of the categorical type to be specified. Ord may take any value between 0 and DT_MaxNominalIDs, Col must be in the range of 1 and NrOfColumns. If you try to set the nominal identifier outside the valid range of parameters the call will be ignored on write, and will return an empty string on read.

When writing the property NominalID the OnChangeSetup event is triggered.

Hint: Please note that the NominalID cannot be set on interval or ratio-scaled variables. You have to set the measurement scale type MScaleType to stNominal or stOrdinal.

Last Update: 2023-Dec-14