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Declaration:property NeedleLayoutSec: TNeedleLayout;

The TMeter component offers two independent needles, the main needle which is, by default, visible and the secondary needle, which is, by default, invisible. The property NeedleLayoutSec defines the layout of the secondary meter needle and contains the following sub-properties:

ColorBody (TColor) The color of the needle body (if Thickness is greater than 0).
ColorOutline (TColor) The color of the needle outline.
HeadAngle (integer) The angle of the needle head.
HeadMidLeng (integer)  The length of the needle head as measured along the needle shaft (in pixels).
HeadSize (integer)  The size of the needle head (in pixel).
ShadowColor (TColor) The color of the needle shadow.
ShadowDx (integer)  The displacement of the needle shadow along the x-axis.
ShadowDy (integer)  The displacement of the needle shadow along the y-axis.
Thickness (integer)  The thickness of the needle.
Visible (boolean)  Visibility of the needle (FALSE by default!!).


Example: This property is used in the following example program (see for downloading the code): prjmeter

Last Update: 2023-Dec-14