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Unit: SDL_math2
Class: none
Declaration: procedure MovingKernelFilter (SourceVec: TVector; FirstElem, LastElem: integer; DestVec: TVector; FilterKernel: TVector);

The procedure MovingKernelFilter applies the filter coefficients specified by the parameter FilterKernel to the data SourceVec. The filter is applied to the data range specified by the parameters FirstElem and LastElem. The result is stored in the vector DestVec (starting at position 1).

Please note that the first, and the last (FilterKernel.NrOfElems div 2) elements cannot be smoothed and are replaced by the nearest available smoothed value.

MovingKernelFilter may create the following exceptions of type ESDLMath2Error:

'MovingKernelFilter: SourceVec, DestVec and/or FilterKernel is undefined'
'MovingKernelFilter: specified range for filtering is smaller than the length of the filter kernel'

Hint: The filter kernel can be calculated by one of the following procedures: CalcSincLPKernel, CalcSincHPKernel, CalcSincBPKernel, CalcSincBSKernel

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06