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Declaration:property MouseRot3Axes: boolean;

The MouseRot3Axes property determines whether the mouse movement during interactive rotation (MouseAction = maRotation, or maRotAndZoom) is transformed to a joint movement of all three axes, or only two axes are used.

If MouseRot3Axes is true the rotation is a combined rotation around 3 axes. The particular effect depends on the property ViewAngleZ. If MouseRot3Axes is false, the mouse movement is transformed in a way that horizontal mouse movement results in a rotation around the z-axis, and vertical movement creates the effect as if the data is rotated around the horizontal center line of the control window.

Hint: Although the 2-axes-mode (MouseRot3Axes = false) reduces the number of possible view angles, this mode is more intuitively to use.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-27