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Declaration:function Mousebox (var RadBottomLeft, PhiBottomLeft, RadTopRight, PhiTopRight: double): boolean;

The function MouseBox allows to select a rectangular region of the data. The user can select a region by clicking and holding the left mouse button. Thereafter a rubber-band rectangle follows the mouse cursor until the mouse button is released again. At this point the function MouseBox returns the coordinates of selected rectangle. The selection process may be aborted at any time by calling the method MouseBoxAbort.

The function MouseBox returns a TRUE value if the selection is valid; the real-world coordinates of the rectangular region are then contained in the parameters RadBottomLeft... PhiTopRight.

Hint: The method MouseBox must not be used within any of the mouse event handlers (i.e. OnMouseDown, OnMouseUp, or OnMouseMove).

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20