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Unit: SDL_colorscale
Class: TColorScale
Declaration: property MouseAction: TMouseActMode;

The property MouseAction determines whether the crosshair can be moved by the mouse and whether the color scale can be panned and/or zoomed. This property may take the following possible values.

maDragCrossH Drag the crosshair using the mouse.
maZoomPanColors Zoom and pan the color scale. Please note that this option activates a duplicate behavior: if the user clicks the color scale around the center of the scale, it can be panned, otherwise the left or the right boundary of the scale can be moved (which in effect results in zooming the scale range).

maNone No built-in interaction is possible. The only way to apply a mouse controlled action is by utilizing the mouse events.

All other values as declared by TMouseActMode are ignored and equivalent to maNone.

Hint: In the case of type ambiguities concerning maNone please visit the SDL TechnNotes.

Last Update: 2023-Dec-13