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The unit SDL_matrix offers some of the most important operations to manage and process two-dimensional real and integer matrices, and to some extent also three-dimensional real matrices. The object oriented approach of the unit SDL_matrix hides all stuff dealing with array addressing and memory management. Thus the user may fully concentrate on his/her work.

The unit SDL_matrix provides three classes, TMatrix, TIntMatrix, and TMat3D which hold a real matrix, an integer matrix, and a three-dimensional matrix of floating point values, respectively.

How to use TMatrix

Methods and properties of

class TMatrix (two-dimensional real matrix)
class TIntmatrix (two-dimensional integer matrix)
class TMat3D (three-dimensional real matrix)
Installation of the SDL Component Suite
Delphi and C++Builder issues
Product Information

The unit SDL_matrix is part of the SDL Component Suite which is comprised of a considerable amount of routines and classes for computing in science and engineering. The Component Suite is available for Delphi and C++Builder. See the order information for more details.

Last Update: 2023-Dec-08