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Class: TPolChart
Declaration: function MarkItemsInWindow (RadLo, PhiLo, RadHi, PhiHi: double; ItemID: TpcItem; ClassNumber: byte): longint;

The method MarkItemsInWindow searches for all entries in the data container which fulfill the following requirements: the item must be of the type ItemID , and the item has to be located within a sector defined by the parameters RadLo...PhiHi. If an item meets the requirements, its class number is set to the value ClassNumber. The boundaries of the restricting sector (RadLo, PhiLo, RadHi, PhiHi ) are specified as real-world coordinates. The function returns the number of items which have been marked by the new class number.

Hint: The parameter ClassNumber must not be set to 255 (in this case the function MarkItemsInWindow has no effect at all).

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20