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Class: TContourPlot
Declaration: procedure MarkErrorBar (x,y: double; dlower, dupper: double; Dir: TOrientation; mk: byte);

The method MarkErrorBar displays a symbol at the position [x,y] together with an error bar whose lower and upper boundaries are controlled by the parameters dlower and dupper which indicate the length of the respective part of the error bar. The error bars may either be displayed vertically or horizontally (parameter Dir). The following image shows a series of vertical error bars and two horizontal bars (using different symbols and colors):

The color of the symbol is specified by the property DataColor, the shape of the symbol is controlled by the parameter mk:

If the parameter mk is greater than MAXCANVASMARKS, a character corresponding to its ASCII code is displayed instead of a symbol. Digits can be drawn by setting mk to the codes 200..209 (200 = '0', 209 = '9').

Hint 1: Please note that some of the symbols are displayed by using pixel graphics. These symbols may be displayed in an unfavorable way (only tiny dots, or several thin lines) when using WMF for large printouts, i.e. for high resolution printers. The following symbols are affected:
    18  large shaded block
    25  large bold cross

Hint 2: The lower and upper part of the error bar (specified by the parameters dlower and dupper) are always calculated from the absolute values of these parameters.

Hint 3: In the Light Edition the number of chart elements (including all symbols) is restricted to 1000 elements.

Last Update: 2023-Dec-13