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Marked Cells

The cells of the table may be marked using two different types of markings (mark type A, and B). Marked cells are displayed by different colors, which can be adjusted by the properties ColorMarkedA, ColorMarkedB, and ColorMarkedBoth. The marking state of a cell may be retrieved by the properties ElemMarkedA and ElemMarkedB. In order to check if any cell in a specific row or column is marked, you may use the methods IfRowMarked and IfColumnMarked. The method IfAnyMarked checks whether any cell of the table editor is marked.

Note that any combination of cells can be marked by either setting the properties ElemMarkedA and ElemMarkedB, or by using the interactive facilities of the table editor.

Hint: Do not mix up marked and selected cells. While marked cells are indicated by specific colors of the cell text and are permanent as long as the table is valid, selected cells are cells which have been selected by dragging with the mouse over the range of cells to be selected (given, that the Options property does not include goEditing). Selected cells are indicated by a dark blue background color and are primarily used to perform any popup menu actions on them. Selected cells may be identified by using the property Selection.

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06