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Declaration:function MakeConnection (At1,At2: integer; CType:byte): boolean;

The method MakeConnection is a universal routine for changing, adding or deleting bonds. The parameters At1 and At2 specify the atoms which should be connected or disconnected. The parameter CType determines the type of the bond to be established:

CType = btNoBond   the bond between atoms At1 and At2 should be removed
CType = btSingle.. btAromatic the bond between atoms At1 and At2 is set to the bond type represented by CType. If the bond is not already established, a new bond is created

If MakeConnection cannot be executed properly, it returns a value of FALSE in order to indicate that something went wrong. This is the case when either no room is available for further bonds or the atom numbers are invalid.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20