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Properties and Methods of TSmithChart

Align AllocSize Anchors
AutoRedraw AvoidDuplicateMarks Caption
CaptionAlignment CaptionAnchorHoriz CaptionAnchorVert
CaptionPosX CaptionPosY ChartColor
ChartFrameColor ClassDefault ClassVisible
Constraints CrossHair CrossHairPosX
CrossHairPosY Cursor DataColor
DataContainer DataTag DiagramColor
FillColor Font GridColorDark
GridColorLight Height Hint
ItemCount Left LineWidth
MarginBottom MarginLeft MarginRight
MarginTop MouseAction MouseCursorFixed
MousePosX MousePosY NumItems
ParentFont ParentShowHint PenStyle
PopupMenu RangeXHigh RangeXLow
RangeYHigh RangeYLow ShadowBakColor
ShadowColor ShadowStyle ShadowWidth
ShowHint SuppressPaint Tag
TextAlignment TextBkColor TextBkStyle
TextFontStyle TextLabels Top
TransparentItems Visible Width

AddTextLabel AllTextLabelsOff Assign
AutoRange CalcReactance CalcReflectionImag
CalcReflectionReal CalcResistance CenterChart
ClearAllTextLabels ClearGraf CopyToBitmap
CopyToBitmapDAOnly CopyToBMP CopyToClipboard
CopyToClipboardDAOnly CopyToOpenPrinter Create
CrossHairSetPos CrossHairSetup Destroy
DrawTo Ellipse FindMinMax
Free HideAllTextLabels Line
LoadData M2R MarkAllItems
MarkAt MarkItemsInWindow MoveTo
NewColorOfClassItems PrintIt R2M
Rectangle RectangleRelPix RemoveFirstItem
RemoveItem RemoveItemsByClass RemoveItemsByLayer
RemoveLastItem SaveData SetRange
SetTextLabel ShowGraf ShowGrafNewOnly


Events OnBeforeCrossHairMove OnCrossHairMove
OnDataRendered OnMouseMoveInChart OnRubberBand
OnSelectRect OnTextLabelMove OnZoomPan

Last Update: 2016-Jun-27