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Properties and Methods of Scale

Type Declarations
TBeforeTickLabelEvent TScaleRenderedEvent TScaleTickDrawnEvent

Align Anchors Caption
CaptionAlignment CaptionAnchor CaptionPosX
CaptionPosY Center ColorBackGnd
ColorScale ColorScheme DateFormat
DecPlaces Enabled Font
ForeignCanvasPosX ForeignCanvasPosY FrameStyle
Hint IsHelperComponent LabelType
Logarithmic MarginBottom MarginLeft
MarginRight MarginTop MinTicks
MouseAction NumTicks ParentFont
ParentShowHint PopupMenu RangeHigh
RangeLow ScaleInscript ScaleType
ShortTicks ShowBaseLine ShowHint
SuppressPaint TickPos Transparent
UserTickText Visible

Assign Changed ConvertPixelToScale
ConvertToPixelCoords Create Destroy
ForcePaint Free ResetComp
SetBounds SetRange UseForeignCanvas


Events OnAfterScaleRendered OnBeforeScaleRendered
OnBeforeTickLabel OnScaleTickDrawn OnZoomPan

Last Update: 2017-Dez-09