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Properties and Methods of RLData

AsNumber ColumnCheckMode ColumnFormat
Comment CommonHeader DataID
DefaultValue Elem ElemChecked
Header IsCheckedColumn LastSortColumn
LastSortOrder NrOfColumns NrOfRows

Assign Clear ColumnIndex
CopyToClipboard CopyRow CountCheckedElemsInCol
CountCheckedElemsInRow Create Destroy
ExportCSV ExportHTMLTable Fill
FirstCheckedElemInCol FirstCheckedElemInRow Free
ImportCSV InvertAllCheckmarksOfCol LoadFromXMLFile
LoadLinesFromFile ReadFromOpenXMLFile ReadFromXMLStream
ReadFromXMLString RemoveEmptyRows RemoveRow
SaveAsXMLFile SetAllCheckmarksOfCol Sort
UnSort WriteToOpenXMLFile WriteToXMLStream


OnBeforeHTMLExport OnBeforeSortExchange OnPercentDone

Last Update: 2017-Nov-22