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Methods, Properties and Declarations of Plot3D

Type Declarations
TBeforeRenderPolygonEvent TColorCodingMode TMeshKind
TMouseActionEvent TMouseMoveOverPlotEvent Tp3BeforeDrawScaleLabelEvent
TP3ScaleKind TRenderEvent

Align AutoCenter BoundBoxStyle
CaptionX CaptionY CaptionZ
CentX CentY ColorBakGnd
ColorCodeAvg ColorCodingMode ColorCubeFaceHigh
ColorCubeFaceLow ColorCubeFrame ColorCubeHidLin
ColorFrame ColorHigh ColorLow
ColorMesh ColorMid ColorScaleHigh
ColorScaleLow ColorScheme ColorXCoords
ColorYCoords ColorZCoords Cursor
DecPlaceX DecPlaceY DecPlaceZ
FrameStyle GridMat Height
Hint IsoColors LabDistX
LabDistY LabDistZ Left
Magnification MeshKind MeshVisible
MinTickX MinTickY MinTickZ
MouseAction ParentShowHint PopupMenu
RangeXHigh RangeXLow RangeYHigh
RangeYLow RangeZHigh RangeZLow
RotMat ScaleFactX ScaleFactY
ScaleFactZ ShowHint StyleElements
SuppressPaint Tag Top
ViewAngleX ViewAngleZ Visible
VisibleXCoords VisibleYCoords VisibleZCoords

AutoScale Clear CopyToBMP
CopyToClipboard CopyToClipboardWMF CopyToOpenPrinter
CopyToWMF Create Destroy
DrawOnForeignCanvas Free PrintIt
Reset SetRange SetViewAngles

Events OnBeforeDrawScaleLabel OnBeforeRenderPolygon
OnDataRendered OnMouseAction OnMouseMoveOverPlot

Last Update: 2013-Okt-10