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Properties, Methods and Events of NumIO2

Align Alignment Anchors
AutoSize Beep But3D
ButColor ButHeight ButIncrem
ButSpace ButtonPivots ButVisible
ButWidth ColorBoxBG ColorBoxText
ColorOutBG ColorOutText ColorScheme
ColorWarnBG ColorWarnText Cursor
DecPlaceSep Enabled FixPointDecPlaces
Font FrameStyle GaugeColor
GaugeColorBg GaugeColorFrame GaugeFrameStyle
GaugeHeight GaugeLeftMargin GaugeTopMargin
GaugeVisible GaugeWidth Height
HideSelection Hint InputFormat
IntegerValue TextBoxWidth Left
LeftSpace LeftText LeftTextAlignment
MouseAreaCode ParentFont ParentShowHint
PopupMenu RangeHigh RangeLow
ReadOnly RightText RightTextAlignment
SelBegin SelEnd ShowHint
SignificantDigits TabOrder TabStop
Tag Text TextBoxWidth
Top Value Visible

Assign Changed CheckValidity
Create Destroy Free
OutOfRange SetFocus


Events OnGaugeChange

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20