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Methods, Properties and Declarations of Math1

Type Declarations

Bin BitReversal CancelFraction
ConvertDegrees ConvertEndian Decimal
DecodeBit DecodeLong DegreeToStr
EEngStr EncodeLong ExChange
FPNumToHex GrayCode Hex
HexToDouble HexToExtended HexToSingle
MakeEFormat Octal Roman
ScanBin ScanDateTime ScanDecimal
ScanDegrees ScanFPNum ScanHex
ScanOctal strf StrToIntDefault

Miscellaneous Stuff
AbortMathProc AngleToXAxis CalcScalePars
CanonicalAngleDegrees CanonicalAngleRadians CountBits
DistFromRect EuclideanDistance FindPrimeFactors
InterpolTable InterpolXYTable InterpolZofXYRect
ListOfPrimes QuickSelect

InsertIntoArray SortArray SortIntoArray

Random Generators
BRandom CRandom GRandom

Higher Mathematical Functions
CenteredPolynomial cosh cot
Factorial ld lg
Polynomial sinh tg

Comparison & Limiting
CheckPowerOfTwo ConfinePointToRect ConfineValue
IntNeg IntPos IsPrime
IsValidBin IsValidDecInt IsValidDouble
IsValidFPNum IsValidHex IsValidOct
Max MeanVarOfArray Min
MinMaxOfArray Round125 RoundDegrees
RoundNeg125 RoundPos125 Sign
WithinBounds WithinRect


Class TKahanSum


Properties, Methods, and Events

Add Reset Sum

Last Update: 2016-Sep-27