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Properties and Methods of ContourPlot

Type declarations
TContourPlotMode TEstimateZValEvent

Align Anchors AttachedColorScale
Caption ChartColor ChartFrameColor
Constraints CrossHair Cursor
InvalidDataBmp IsoColors IsoDist
IsoHigh IsoLow MarginBottom
MarginLeft MarginRight MarginTop
Mask MaskPalette MaxPivot
MinPivot MouseAction MouseCursorFixed
MouseTrace MouseTraceColor MouseTraceInvert
NumMTracePoints NumPivotsX NumPivotsY
PanGridDx PanGridDy PivotMat
PivotResolution PlotMode PopupMenu
ScaleX ScaleY ShadowBakColor
ShadowColor ShadowStyle ShadowWidth
ShowHint SuppressPaint TextLabels
Visible WindColor

AddTextLabel AllTextLabelsOff Assign
CalculatePivotPoints ClearAllTextLabels ClearMouseTrace
ClearPivotPoints CopyToBitmap CopyToBitmapDAOnly
CopyToBMP CopyToClipboard CopyToClipboardDAOnly
CopyToClipBoardWMF Create CrossHairSetPos
Destroy DrawPlot FillMask
Free HideAllTextLabels M2R
PercentilePivots PrintIt R2M
SetIsoParams SetRange SetTextLabel


Events OnBeforeCrossHairMove OnCrossHairMove
OnDataRendered OnEstimateZVal OnMouseMoveInChart
OnProgress OnRubberBand OnSelectRect
OnTextLabelMove OnZoomPan

Last Update: 2016-Oct-09