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Properties and Methods of ColorScale

Types and Constants
Public Constants TMouseMoveInColorScaleEvent TColScaleOrientation

Align Anchors Caption
CaptionColor CaptionPosX CaptionPosY
CaptionSize CaptionStyle ColorArray
ColorHigh ColorLow ColorOfScale
ColorScheme ColorSclBkgd CrossHair
ExtendColors Font FramedColorScale
FrameStyle MarginBottom MarginLeft
MarginRight MarginTop MinTicks
MouseAction Orientation ParentFont
ParentShowHint PopupMenu ShowHint
ScaleRangeHigh ScaleRangeLow StyleElements
SuppressPaint Visible

Assign ColorToValue CopyToBitMap
Create Destroy Free
SetScaleRange ValueToColor ValueToPixel


Events OnCrossHairMove OnDataRendered
OnMouseMoveInScale OnZoomPan

Last Update: 2015-May-29