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Unit: SDL_math1
Class: None
Declaration: function InterpolXYTable (Arg: double; const XYPivots: TDouble2DArray): double;

The function InterpolXYTable interpolates a function defined by the open array of irregularly spaced pivoit points (parameter XYPivots) at the x position given by Arg. The x and y coordinates of the pivot points are defined by the two-dimensional array XYPivots. The first column of the array contains the x values, the second column the y values. Each row of the array specifies a pivot point. If the argument Arg is less than lowest x value (i.e. XYPivots[0,0]) or greater than highest x value (XYPivots[0,length(XYPivots[0])]) the returned function value is extrapolated using the first or the last line segment, respectively.

The function raises an exception if the pivot table contains less than two pivot elements or if the number of columns is not equal two.

Last Update: 2018-Feb-28