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Interface of SDL_ProgBar

  MAXBARCOLORS = 1023;                     { number of cells of bar colors - 1 }
  SDLVersionInfo = 'progbar_r1200_full';
  IsLightEd = false;
  SDLVersionInfo = 'progbar_r1200_lighted';
  IsLightEd = true;
  Release = 1200;

  TColorMapping = (cgmCover, cgmStretch, cgmMove);
  TBeforeShowValueEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject;
                                  var ValueText: string) of object;
  ESDLProgBar = class(ESDLError);          { exception type to indicate errors }
  TProgBar = class (TGraphicControl)
             FTimerHandle  : HWND;
             FTimerEnabled : boolean;
             FOnAutoInc    : TNotifyEvent;
             FAutoIncStep  : double;
             FRepeatIv     : integer;
             FStartIv      : integer;
             FIsStart      : boolean;
             FOuterFrameSt : TFrameStyle;               { style of outer frame }
             FInnerFrameSt : TFrameStyle;               { style of inner frame }
             FProgValue    : double;                   { progress bar position }
             FProgMax      : double;                    { progress bar maximum }
             FProgMin      : double;                    { progress bar minimum }
             FDirection    : TDirection;
             FBarColorArray: array[0..MAXBARCOLORS] of TColor;    { bar colors }
             AuxBmp        : TBitMap;      { bitmap to hold background picture }
             FColorMargin  : TColor;                         { color of margin }
             FColorBakG    : TColor;        { color of progress bar background }
             FColorGrad    : boolean;          { TRUE: color gradient is shown }
             FColorGrid    : TColor;                     { color of grid lines }
             FGridDist     : integer;  { distance between grid lines in pixels }
             FColBlackLine : TColor;                { colors to draw the frame }
             FColGrayLine  : TColor;                            { -"- }
             FColWhiteLine : TColor;                            { -"- }
             FColorScheme  : TColorScheme;            { color scheme of frames }
             FColorMapMode : TColorMapping;     {color mapping of progress bar }
             FMarginLeft   : integer;                            { left margin }
             FMarginRight  : integer;                           { right margin }
             FMarginTop    : integer;                             { top margin }
             FMarginBottom : integer;                          { bottom margin }
             FBakGndFile   : string;                         { background file }
             FTextPosX     : integer;       { position of prog. bar value text }
             FTextPosY     : integer;
             FTextDecPlaces: integer;     { number of decimal places for value }
             FTextAngle    : integer;                 { rotation angle of text }
             FAlignment    : TAlignment;            { alignment of value label }
             FOnShowValue  : TBeforeShowValueEvent;
             FShowValue    : boolean;   { TRUE: Value is shown in numeric form }

             function  GetBarColorElem (ix: integer): TColor;
             procedure SetAutoIncStep (value: double);
             procedure SetBarColorElem (ix: integer; value: TColor);
             procedure SetColorMargin (Value: TColor);
             procedure SetColorBakG (Value: TColor);
             procedure SetColorGrad (Value: boolean);
             procedure SetColorGrid (Value: TColor);
             procedure SetColorMapMode (Value: TColorMapping);
             procedure SetGridDist (Value: integer);
             procedure SetMarginBottom (Value: integer);
             procedure SetMarginTop (Value: integer);
             procedure SetMarginLeft (Value: integer);
             procedure SetMarginRight (Value: integer);
             procedure SetColorScheme (Value: TColorScheme);
             function  GetColorMin: TColor;
             function  GetColorMax: TColor;
             procedure SetColorMin (value: TColor);
             procedure SetColorMax (value: TColor);
             procedure SetDirection (value: TDirection);
             procedure SetOuterFrameStyle (value: TFrameStyle);
             procedure SetInnerFrameStyle (value: TFrameStyle);
             procedure SetPBarValue (value: double);
             procedure SetPBarMin (value: double);
             procedure SetPBarMax (value: double);
             procedure SetBakGndFile (value: string);
             procedure SetTextPosX (value: integer);
             procedure SetTextPosY (value: integer);
             procedure SetTextDecPl (value: integer);
             procedure SetAutoInc (value: boolean);
             procedure SetAlignment (value: TAlignment);
             procedure SetShowValue (value: boolean);
             procedure SetTextAngle (value: integer);
             procedure SetOnAutoInc(Value: TNotifyEvent);
             procedure SetRepeatIv (value: integer);
             procedure SetStartIv (value: integer);
             procedure UpdateTimer;
             procedure InitTimer;
             procedure AssignTo (Dest: TPersistent); override;
             procedure AutoIncEvent(Sender: TObject);
             procedure MouseMove (Shift: TShiftState; X,Y: integer); override;
             procedure Paint; override;
             procedure DoTimer; dynamic;
             procedure WndProc(var Msg: TMessage); { virtual method of base class
                                                   is hidden deliberately }
             procedure   Assign(Source: TPersistent); override;
             constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override;
             destructor  Destroy; override;
             property  BarColors[ix: integer]: TColor
                           read GetBarColorElem write SetBarColorElem;
             procedure SetRange (min, max: double);
             property Align;
{$IFNDEF LEVEL3}               // CBuilder / Delphi 3.0 do not know about anchors
             property Anchors;
             property Constraints;
             property AutoInc: boolean read FTimerEnabled write SetAutoInc;
             property AutoIncStep: double read FAutoIncStep write SetAutoIncStep;
             property BackGroundImg: string read FBakGndFile write SetBakGndFile;
             property ColorBackGnd: TColor read FColorBakG write SetColorBakG;
             property ColorMapMode: TColorMapping
                          read FColorMapMode write SetColorMapMode;
             property ColorGrid: TColor read FColorGrid write SetColorGrid;
             property ColorMargin: TColor read FColorMargin write SetColorMargin;
             property ColorScheme: TColorScheme
                          read FColorScheme write SetColorScheme;
             property ColorMin: TColor read GetColorMin write SetColorMin;
             property ColorMax: TColor read GetColorMax write SetColorMax;
             property Font;
             property FrameStyleOuter: TFrameStyle
                          read FOuterFrameSt write SetOuterFrameStyle;
             property FrameStyleInner: TFrameStyle
                          read FInnerFrameSt write SetInnerFrameStyle;
             property GridDist: integer read FGridDist write SetGridDist;
             property MarginBottom: integer
                          read FMarginBottom write SetMarginBottom;
             property MarginLeft: integer read FMarginLeft write SetMarginLeft;
             property MarginRight: integer read FMarginRight write SetMarginRight;
             property MarginTop: integer read FMarginTop write SetMarginTop;
             property Max: double read FProgMax write SetPbarMax;
             property Min: double read FProgMin write SetPbarMin;
             property ParentFont;
             property ParentShowHint;
             property PopupMenu;
             property Direction: TDirection read FDirection write SetDirection;
             property RepeatInterval: integer
                          read FRepeatIv write SetRepeatIv;
             property ShowColorGradient: boolean read FColorGrad write SetColorGrad;
             property ShowHint;
             property StartInterval: integer read FStartIv write SetStartIv;
(**)              property StyleElements;
             property TextAlignment: TAlignment read FAlignment write SetAlignment;
             property TextAngle: integer read FTextAngle write SetTextAngle;
             property TextDecPlaces: integer read FTextDecPlaces write SetTextDecPl;
             property TextPosX: integer read FTextPosX write SetTextPosX;
             property TextPosY: integer read FTextPosY write SetTextPosY;
             property TextVisible: boolean read FShowValue write setshowvalue;
             property Value: double read FProgValue write SetPBarValue;
             property Visible;
             property OnAutoInc: TNotifyEvent
                          read FOnAutoInc write SetOnAutoInc;
             property OnClick;
             property OnDblClick;
             property OnMouseMove;
             property OnMouseDown;
             property OnMouseUp;
             property OnShowValue: TBeforeShowValueEvent
                          read FOnShowValue write fonshowvalue;

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06