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Interface of SDL_NTabEd

  SDLVersionInfo = 'ntabed_r1200_full';
  IsLightEd = false;
  SDLVersionInfo = 'ntabed_r1200_lighted';
  IsLightEd = true;
  Release = 1200;

  MAXPOPUPDCMDS = 13;             { number of commands in data area popup menu }
  MAXPOPUPMCMDS = 4;                      { number of commands in mark submenu }
  MAXPOPUPUCMDS = 4;                    { number of commands in unmark submenu }
  MAXPOPUPHCMDS = 5;            { number of commands in header area popup menu }

  popMenData = $1000000;                              { popup menu identifiers }
  popMenHeader = $2000000;
  popMenMark = $3000000;
  popMenUnMark = $4000000;

  pdMarkA = $0001;                { mask values of popup commands in data area }
  pdMarkB = $0002;
  pdUnMarkA = $0004;
  pdUnMarkB = $0008;
  pdUnMarkAll = $0010;
  pdClear = $0020;
  pdCopy = $0040;
  pdPaste = $0080;
  pdExtClip = $0100;
  pdEdit = $0200;
  pdSelAll = $0400;
  pdEmptyCells = $0800;
  pdAllCmds = $7FFFFFFF;

  phEditIdentifier = $0001;
  phChangePrecision = $0002;
  phSelectRowColumn = $0004;
  phInsertRowColumn = $0008;
  phDeleteRowColumn = $0010;
  phAllCmds = $7FFFFFFF;

  pmMarkRange = $0001;        { mask values of popup submenu for mark commands }
  pmMarkColumn = $0002;
  pmMarkRow = $0004;
  pmMarkAll = $0008;
  pmAllCmds = $7FFFFFFF;

  puMarkRange = $0001;      { mask values of popup submenu for unmark commands }
  puMarkColumn = $0002;
  puMarkRow = $0004;
  puMarkAll = $0008;
  puAllCmds = $7FFFFFFF;

  ESDLNTabedError = class(ESDLError);      { exception type to indicate errors }
  TBeforePopupEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; PMenu: TPopupMenu) of object;
  TBeforeRenderCellEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; colix, rowix: integer;
         var Text: string; var ColorText, ColorBakg: TColor;
         var FontStyles: TFontStyles) of object;
  TNTabEd = class(TCustomGrid)
              FAutoAdvance     : boolean;        { TRUE: go to next cell on CR }
              FAutoAdvDir      : TOrientation;
              FOnChange        : TNotifyEvent;
              FOnBeforePopup   : TBeforePopupEvent;
              FOnHeadingChanged: TNotifyEvent;
              FOnChangeAttrib  : TNotifyEvent;
              FOnChangeLayout  : TNotifyEvent;
              FOnChangeCellSt  : TNotifyEvent;
              FOnChangeEmptySt : TNotifyEvent;
              FOnBeforeRenderCell : TBeforeRenderCellEvent;
              FOnChangeSetup   : TNotifyEvent;
              FOnTopLeftChanged: TNotifyEvent;
              FOnSelChanged    : TNotifyEvent;
              FOnPaste         : TNotifyEvent;
              FOnClear         : TNotifyEvent;
              FOnPercentDone   : TOnPercentDoneEvent;
              FOldSel          : TGridRect; // used to detect selection changes
              FClassColWidth   : integer;         { width of class info column }
              FOptRowHeight    : boolean;       { TRUE: row height is adjusted
                                               automatically for changed fonts }
              FColOffset       : integer;  { =1 if row attrib. visible, else 0 }
              FRowOffset       : integer;{=1 if column attrib. visible, else 0 }
              FEmptyMsg        : string; {message displayed when no. of rows=0 }
              FDecP            : array of shortint;    { nr. of dec. pl. shown }
              FClipUseFullPrec : boolean;       { TRUE: use full precision for
                                                          copying to ClipBoard }

              FDataCopy        : TDataTable;{ backup matrix for copy and paste }
              FDataCopyAvail   : boolean;{ TRUE if data in copy/paste container
                                                                  is available }

              FExtMatAssigned  : boolean;  { if TRUE: external matrix assigned }
              FShowCellCursor  : boolean;
              FNumWidth        : integer;             { width of numeric field }
              FOnGetEditText   : TGetEditEvent;
              FOnSetEditText   : TSetEditEvent;
              FSortIncludeHd   : boolean;      { flag to indicate sorting mode }
              FSuppressPaint   : boolean;     { TRUE: suppress all paint calls }
              FInternSuppPaint : boolean;    { TRUE:  suppress all paint calls }
              FBlockIntPopup   : boolean;         { TRUE: block internal popup }
              FCommEdAllowed   : boolean;      { TRUE: comment editing allowed }
              FReadOnly        : boolean;   { TRUE: editor is in readonly mode }
              FPopupD          : TPopUpMenu;      { popup menu for right mouse
                                                            click in data area }
              FPopupDMask      : longint;   { mask for enabling popup commands }
              FPopupH          : TPopUpMenu;      { popup menu for right mouse
                                                          click in header area }
              FPopupHMask      : longint;   { mask for enabling popup commands }
              FPopupMMask      : longint;   { mask for enabling popup commands }
              FPopupUMask      : longint;   { mask for enabling popup commands }

              FColorBkgnd      : TColor;         { background color of control }
              FColorEmptyMsg   : TColor;              { color of empty message }
              FColorFixed      : TColor;         { color of fixed columns/rows }
              FColorNormal     : TColor;              { color of unmarked text }
              FColorMarked1    : TColor;              { color of marked text A }
              FColorMarked2    : TColor;              { color of marked text B }
              FColorMarkedBoth : TColor;            { color of marked text A&B }
              FColorSelected   : TColor;     { color of header of selected row }
              FColorRngSelFG   : TColor;    { color selected range, foreground }
              FColorRngSelBG   : TColor;    { color selected range, foreground }
              FBoldSelHeads    : boolean;   { TRUE: selected header is in bold }
              FBoldMarks       : boolean;{ TRUE: marked data displayed in bold }

              FNameEdActive    : boolean;   { to indicate an act. NameEd comp. }
              FNameEd          : TEdit;               { editor for identifiers }

              FCommentMMActive : boolean;  { indicates an act. CommentEd comp. }
              FCommentMM       : TMemo;                   { editor for comment }
              FDropdownCount   : integer;
              FColPickList     : TStringList;
              FVRangeLow       : double;        { lower limit of valid numbers }
              FVRangeHigh      : double;        { upper limit of valid numbers }

              procedure ColumnsGetPickListItems (ACol, ARow: Integer;
                                                 Items: TStrings);
              procedure SetDropdownCount(value:integer);
              procedure CommentMemoKeyPress(Sender: TObject; var Key: Char);
              procedure DisplayCellCursor (cx, cy: integer);
              procedure ExchangeDuringSort (Sender: TObject; ExchgWhat: byte;
                                          index1, index2, first, last: longint);
              function  GetColAttVis: boolean;
              function  GetRowAttVis: boolean;
              function  GetRowAttrib (RowNr: longint): byte;
              function  GetCellState (ACol, ARow: longint): byte;
              function  GetColAttrib (ColNr: longint): byte;
              function  GetColName (ColNr: longint): TDTNameStr;
              function  GetColWidths(Index: Longint): Integer;
              function  GetComment: string;
              function  GetDecPlaces (ColNr: longint): shortint;
              function  GetDefColWidth: integer;
              function  GetElem (ACol, ARow: longint): double;
              function  GetElemMarkedA (ACol, ARow: longint): boolean;
              function  GetElemMarkedB (ACol, ARow: longint): boolean;
              function  GetIsNumber (ACol, ARow: longint): boolean;
              function  GetIsEmpty (ACol, ARow: longint): boolean;
              function  GetLeftCol: integer;
              function  GetTopRow: integer;
              function  GetNrCols: longint;
              function  GetNrRows: longint;
              function  GetPopupDCaption (ix: integer): TDTNameStr;
              function  GetPopupMCaption (ix: integer): TDTNameStr;
              function  GetPopupUCaption (ix: integer): TDTNameStr;
              function  GetPopupHCaption (ix: integer): TDTNameStr;
              function  GetRowName (RowNr: longint): TDTNameStr;
              procedure DataHasChanged (Sender: TObject);
              procedure SetupHasChanged (Sender: TObject);
              procedure NameEdKeyPress(Sender: TObject; var Key: Char);
              procedure DataHasBeenResized (Sender: TObject; OldColumns, OldRows,
                                            NewColumns, NewRows: longint);
              procedure NTPercDone (Sender: TObject; Percent: integer);
              procedure SetSuppressPaint (supp: boolean);
              procedure SetBoldMarks (bold: boolean);
              procedure SetBoldSelHeads (bold: boolean);
              procedure SetRowAttrib (RowNr: longint; Attrib: byte);
              procedure SetCellState (ACol, ARow: longint; const Value: byte);
              procedure SetColAttrib (ColNr: longint; Attrib: byte);
              procedure SetColAttVis (vis: boolean);
              procedure SetRowAttVis (vis: boolean);
              procedure SetOptRowHeight (opt: boolean);
              procedure SetColName (ColNr: longint; HLine: TDTNameStr);
              procedure SetColorBackground (color: TColor);
              procedure SetColorEmptyMsg (color: TColor);
              procedure SetColorFixed (color: TColor);
              procedure SetColorMarkedA (color: TColor);
              procedure SetColorMarkedB (color: TColor);
              procedure SetColorMarkedBoth (color: TColor);
              procedure SetColorNormal (color: TColor);
              procedure SetColorSelected (color: TColor);
              procedure SetFColorRngSelFG (color: TColor);
              procedure SetFColorRngSelBG (color: TColor);
              procedure SetColWidths(Index: Longint; Value: Integer);
              procedure SetRowHeight (Index: Longint; Value: Integer);
              procedure SetDecPlaces (ColNr: longint; Dp: shortint);
              procedure SetDefColWidth (DefW: integer);
              procedure SetDataReadOnly (Value: boolean);
              procedure SetElem (ACol, ARow: longint; const Value: double);
              procedure SetElemMarkedA (ACol, ARow: longint; const Value: boolean);
              procedure SetElemMarkedB (ACol, ARow: longint; const Value: boolean);
              procedure SetEmptyMsg (value: string);
              procedure SetIsEmpty (ACol, ARow: longint; const Value: boolean);
              procedure SetComment (cmt: string);
              procedure SetLeftCol (ix: integer);
              procedure SetTopRow (ix: integer);
              procedure SetNrCols (NrCols: longint);
              procedure SetNrRows (NrRows: longint);
              procedure SetNumWidth (nw: integer);
              procedure SetPopupDMask (mask: longint);
              procedure SetPopupHMask (mask: longint);
              procedure SetRowName (RowNr: longint; HLine: TDTNameStr);
              procedure SetPopupDCaption (ix: integer; text: TDTNameStr);
              procedure SetPopupMCaption (ix: integer; text: TDTNameStr);
              procedure SetPopupUCaption (ix: integer; text: TDTNameStr);
              procedure SetPopupHCaption (ix: integer; text: TDTNameStr);
              procedure SetShowCellCursor (Value: boolean);
              procedure PopupMenuDLoadPopup(Sender: TObject);
              procedure FontHasChanged (Sender: TObject);
              procedure WMGetDlgCode (var Message: TWMGetDlgCode);
                                      message WM_GETDLGCODE;
              procedure Paint; override;
              procedure Keypress (var Key: char); override;
              procedure KeyDown(var Key: Word; Shift: TShiftState); override;
              function  DoMouseWheelDown (Shift: TShiftState;
                                          MousePos: TPoint): Boolean; override;
              function  DoMouseWheelUp (Shift: TShiftState;
                                        MousePos: TPoint): Boolean; override;
              procedure BeforeRenderCell (Sender: TObject; colix, rowix: integer;
                           var text: string; var ColorText, ColorBakg: TColor;
                           var FontStyles: TFontStyles);
              function  CreateEditor: TInplaceEdit; override;
              function  GetEditStyle(ACol, ARow: integer): TEditStyle; override;
              function  GetEditText (ACol, ARow: Longint): WideString; override;
              procedure SetEditText (ACol, ARow: Longint;
                                     const Value: WideString); override;
              function  GetEditText (ACol, ARow: Longint): string; override;
              procedure SetEditText (ACol, ARow: Longint;
                                     const Value: string); override;
              procedure DrawCell (ACol, ARow: Longint; ARect: TRect;
                                  AState: TGridDrawState); override;
              procedure MouseMove(Shift: TShiftState; X, Y: Integer); override;
              procedure MouseDown (Button: TMouseButton;
                                   Shift: TShiftState; X, Y: Integer); override;
              procedure MouseUp (Button: TMouseButton;
                                 Shift: TShiftState; X, Y: Integer); override;
              procedure TopLeftChanged; override;
              Data  : TDataTable;                                  { data matrix }
              constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override;
              destructor  Destroy; override;
              procedure AssignAnotherDataMatrix (NewDTab: TDataTable);
              function  AutoColWidth (ColNr: longint; IncludeHeader: boolean;
                                      Addon: integer): integer;
              function  AutoRowHeight (RowNr: longint; Addon: integer): integer;
              procedure ChangedAttrib;
              procedure ChangedCellStates;
              procedure ChangedEmptyStates;
              procedure ChangedData;
              procedure ChangedHeading;
              procedure ChangedLayout;
              procedure ChangedSetup;
              procedure ChangedSelection;
              property  EditorMode;
              procedure Fill (value: double);
              function  FillMarkedCells (value: double; Statemask: byte): integer;
              property  Elem[ACol, ARow: longint]: double
                            read GetElem write SetElem; default;
              property  CellState[ACol, ARow: longint]: byte
                            read GetCellState write SetCellState;
              property  ElemMarkedA[ACol, ARow: longint]: boolean
                            read GetElemMarkedA write SetElemMarkedA;
              property  ElemMarkedB[ACol, ARow: longint]: boolean
                            read GetElemMarkedB write SetElemMarkedB;
              procedure ExchangeMarkings;
              function  GetClipMatrixSize (var NCols, NRows: integer): boolean;
              procedure Redimension (NrCols, NrRows: longint);
              property  RowAttrib [ix: longint]: byte
                            read GetRowAttrib write SetRowAttrib;
              property  ColAttrib [ix: longint]: byte
                            read GetColAttrib write SetColAttrib;
              function  IfColumnMarked (col: longint): boolean;
              function  IfRowMarked (row: longint): boolean;
              function  IfAnyMarked: boolean;
              procedure InsertRow (ix: longint);
              procedure InsertColumn (ix: longint);
              procedure InvertCellStates (StateMask: byte);
              property  IsNumber[ACol, ARow: longint]: boolean read GetIsNumber;
              property  IsEmpty[ACol, ARow: longint]: boolean
                            read GetIsEmpty write SetIsEmpty;
              procedure Clear;
              property  ColName[ix: longint]: TDTNameStr
                            read GetColName write SetColName;
              property  ColWidths[Index: Longint]: Integer
                            read GetColWidths write SetColWidths;
              function  CopyCellStatesFrom (ExtTab: TNTabEd): boolean;
              procedure CopyContentsFrom (ExtTab: TNTabEd);
              procedure PopupMenuClickClear (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickEmptyCells (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickResetEmptyStates (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickMarkARange (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickMarkARow (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickMarkAAll (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickMarkAColumn (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickMarkBRange (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickMarkBRow (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickMarkBAll (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickMarkBColumn (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickUnMarkARange (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickUnMarkARow (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickUnMarkAAll (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickUnMarkAColumn (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickUnMarkBRange (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickUnMarkBRow (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickUnMarkBAll (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickUnMarkBColumn (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickUnMarkAll (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickCopy (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickPaste (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickEdit (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickExtClip (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickSelAll (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickChangeID (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickPrecision (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickSelectCol (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickSelectRow (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickInsertCol (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickInsertRow (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickDeleteCol (Sender: TObject);
              procedure PopupMenuClickDeleteRow (Sender: TObject);
              property  Precision[ColNr: longint]: shortint
                            read GetDecPlaces write SetDecPlaces;
              procedure RemoveRow (ix: longint);
              procedure RemoveColumn (ix: longint);
              property  RowName[ix: longint]: TDTNameStr
                            read GetRowName write SetRowName;
              property  RowHeights;
              property  Selection;
              procedure SortCols (SortRowIx: integer; Ascending: boolean;
                            LowCol, LowRow, HighCol, HighRow: integer;
                            IncludeHeaders: boolean);
              procedure SortRows (SortColIx: integer; Ascending: boolean;
                            LowCol, LowRow, HighCol, HighRow: integer;
                            IncludeHeaders: boolean);
              procedure SortColAttributes (Ascending: boolean;
                            LowCol, LowRow, HighCol, HighRow: integer);
              procedure SortColNames (Ascending: boolean;
                            LowCol, LowRow, HighCol, HighRow: integer);overload;
              procedure SortColNames (Ascending, IgnoreCase: boolean;
                            LowCol, LowRow, HighCol, HighRow: integer);overload;
              procedure SortRowAttributes (Ascending: boolean;
                            LowCol, LowRow, HighCol, HighRow: integer);
              procedure SortRowNames (Ascending: boolean;
                            LowCol, LowRow, HighCol, HighRow: integer); overload;
              procedure SortRowNames (Ascending, IgnoreCase: boolean;
                            LowCol, LowRow, HighCol, HighRow: integer); overload;
              procedure MarkAllElemsA;
              procedure MarkAllElemsB;
              procedure MirrorColumns;
              procedure MirrorRows;
              procedure UnMarkAllElems;
              function  NrOfMarkedDataA: integer;
              function  NrOfMarkedDataB: integer;
              function  FindColIndex (ColID: TDTNameStr): integer;
              function  FindRowIndex (RowID: TDTNameStr): integer;
              property  SuppressPaint: boolean
                            read FSuppressPaint write SetSuppressPaint;
              property  PopupDMask: longint read FPopupDMask write SetPopupDMask;
              property  PopupHMask: longint read FPopupHMask write SetPopupHMask;
              property  PopupDCaptions[ix: integer]: TDTNameStr
                            read GetPopupDCaption
                            write SetPopupDCaption;
              property  PopupMCaptions[ix: integer]: TDTNameStr
                            read GetPopupMCaption
                            write SetPopupMCaption;
              property  PopupUCaptions[ix: integer]: TDTNameStr
                            read GetPopupUCaption
                            write SetPopupUCaption;
              property  PopupHCaptions[ix: integer]: TDTNameStr
                            read GetPopupHCaption
                            write SetPopupHCaption;
              property  Align;
              property  AutoAdvance: boolean read FAutoAdvance write FAutoAdvance;
              property  AutoAdvanceDir: TOrientation
                            read FAutoAdvDir write FAutoAdvDir;
              property  AttribRowVisible: boolean
                            read GetRowAttVis write SetRowAttVis;
              property  AttribColVisible: boolean
                            read GetColAttVis write SetColAttVis;
              property  BlockInternalPopup: boolean
                            read FBlockIntPopup write FBlockIntPopup;
              property  CommentEditingAllowed: boolean
                            read FCommEdAllowed write FCommEdAllowed;
              property  Comment: string read GetComment write SetComment;
              property  ColorBackground: TColor
                            read FColorBkgnd write SetColorBackground;
              property  ColorEmptyMsg: TColor
                            read FColorEmptyMsg write SetColorEmptyMsg;
              property  ColorFixed: TColor read FColorFixed write SetColorFixed;
              property  ColorNormal: TColor read FColorNormal write SetColorNormal;
              property  ColorSelected: TColor
                            read FColorSelected write SetColorSelected;
              property  ColorMarkedA: TColor
                            read FColorMarked1 write SetColorMarkedA;
              property  ColorMarkedB: TColor
                            read FColorMarked2 write SetColorMarkedB;
              property  ColorMarkedBoth: TColor
                            read FColorMarkedBoth write SetColorMarkedBoth;
              property  ColorRangeSelFG: TColor
                            read FColorRngSelFG write SetFColorRngSelFG;
              property  ColorRangeSelBG: TColor
                            read FColorRngSelBG write SetFColorRngSelBG;
              property  DefaultColWidth: integer
                            read GetDefColWidth write SetDefColWidth;
              property  DefaultRowHeight;
              property DrawingStyle;
              property GradientStartColor;
              property GradientEndColor;
              property StyleElements;
              property  EmptyMessage: string read FEmptyMsg write SetEmptyMsg;
              property  Font;
              property  ParentFont;
              property  PopupMenu;
              property  BoldMarks: boolean
                            read FBoldMarks write SetBoldMarks;
              property  BoldSelHeads: boolean
                            read FBoldSelHeads write SetBoldSelHeads;
              property  ClipboardUseFullPrec: boolean
                            read FClipUseFullPrec write FClipUseFullPrec;
              property  LeftCol: integer read GetLeftCol write SetLeftCol;
              property  NomEditDropDownCount: integer
                            read FDropDownCount write SetDropdownCount default 8;
              property  NrOfColumns: longint read GetNrCols write SetNrCols;
              property  NrOfRows: longint read GetNrRows write SetNrRows;
              property  NumWidth: integer read FNumWidth write SetNumWidth;
              property  DataReadOnly: boolean read FReadOnly write SetDataReadOnly;
              property  OptimizeRowHeight: boolean
                            read FOptRowHeight write SetOptRowHeight;
              property  Options stored True;
              property  ShowCellCursor: boolean
                            read FShowCellCursor write SetShowCellCursor;
              property  TopRow: integer read GetTopRow write SetTopRow;
              property  VRangeHigh: double read FVRangeHigh write FVRangeHigh;
              property  VRangeLow: double read FVRangeLow write FVRangeLow;
              property  Visible;
              property  VisibleColCount;
              property  VisibleRowCount;
              property  OnGetEditText: TGetEditEvent
                            read FOnGetEditText write FOnGetEditText;
              property  OnSetEditText: TSetEditEvent
                            read FOnSetEditText write FOnSetEditText;
              property  OnMouseDown;
              property  OnMouseUp;
              property  OnMouseMove;
              property  OnMouseWheelDown;
              property  OnMouseWheelUp;
              property  OnTopLeftChanged: TNotifyEvent
                            read FOnTopLeftChanged write FOnTopLeftChanged;
              property  OnSelectionChanged: TNotifyEvent
                            read FOnSelChanged write FOnSelChanged;
              property  OnBeforePopup: TBeforePopupEvent
                            read FOnBeforePopup write FOnBeforePopup;
              property  OnClick;
              property  OnChange: TNotifyEvent read FOnChange write FOnChange;
              property  OnChangeSetup: TNotifyEvent
                            read FOnChangeSetup write FOnChangeSetup;
              property  OnClear: TNotifyEvent read FOnClear write FOnClear;
              property  OnPaste: TNotifyEvent read FOnPaste write FOnPaste;
              property  OnPercentDone: TOnPercentDoneEvent
                            read FOnPercentDone write FOnPercentDone;
              property  OnDblClick;
              property  OnHeadingChanged: TNotifyEvent read FOnHeadingChanged
                            write FOnHeadingChanged;
              property  OnAttributeChanged: TNotifyEvent read FOnChangeAttrib
                            write FOnChangeAttrib;
              property  OnCellStateChanged: TNotifyEvent read FOnChangeCellSt
                            write FOnChangeCellSt;
              property  OnEmptyStChanged: TNotifyEvent read FOnChangeEmptySt
                            write FOnChangeEmptySt;
              property  OnLayoutChanged: TNotifyEvent read FOnChangeLayout
                            write FOnChangeLayout;
              property  OnBeforeRenderCell: TBeforeRenderCellEvent
                            read FOnBeforeRenderCell write FOnBeforeRenderCell;
              property  OnKeyDown;
              property  OnKeyPress;
              property  OnKeyUp;

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06