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Interface of SDL_GradFl

  SDLVersionInfo = 'gradfl_r1200_full';
  IsLightEd = false;
  SDLVersionInfo = 'gradfl_r1200_lighted';
  IsLightEd = true;
  Release = 1200;

  TGradType = (gtHoriz, gtVert, gtMidBandHoriz, gtMidBandVert, gtEllipticFull,
               gtEllipticFit, gtRadial, gtDiagGrid, gtRect);
  TGradType = (gtHoriz, gtVert, gtMidBandHoriz, gtMidBandVert);
  TGridMode = (gmNone, gmHoriz, gmVert, gmBoth);
  TGradFill = class(TGraphicControl)
                    FNrColors      : integer;
                    FGradType      : TGradType;
                    FColorFirst    : TColor;
                    FColorLast     : TColor;
                    FColFirstOrg   : TColor;
                    FColLastOrg    : TColor;
                    FColorsFlipped : boolean;
                    FFrameStyle    : TFrameStyle;
                    FGridMode      : TGridMode;
                    FGridColor     : TColor;
                    FOnPaint       : TNotifyEvent;
                    procedure SetColorLast(Value: TColor);
                    procedure SetColorFirst(Value: TColor);
                    procedure SeTGradType(Value: TGradType);
                    procedure SetFrameStyle(Value: TFrameStyle);
                    procedure SetNrColors(Value: integer);
                    procedure SetColorFlipped (Value: boolean);
                    procedure SetGridColor (Value: TColor);
                    procedure SetGridMode (Value: TGridMode);
                    procedure Paint; override;
                    constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override;
                    procedure DrawGradient (var bmp: TBitMap);
                    property ColorFlipped: boolean
                                 read FColorsFlipped write SetColorFlipped;
                    property ColorFirst: TColor
                                 read FColorFirst write SetColorFirst;
                    property ColorLast: TColor read FColorLast write SetColorLast;
                    property FillType: TGradType
                                 read FGradType write SetGradType default gtHoriz;
                    property FrameStyle: TFrameStyle
                                 read FFrameStyle write SetFrameStyle;
                    property GridColor: TColor read FGridColor write SetGridColor;
                    property GridMode: TGridMode read FGridMode write SetGridMode;
                    property NrColors: integer
                                 read FNrColors write SetNrColors default 16;
                    property Align;
                    property ParentShowHint;
                    property ShowHint;
                    property Visible;
                    property OnClick;
                    property OnDblClick;
                    property OnMouseDown;
                    property OnMouseMove;
                    property OnMouseUp;
                    property OnPaint: TNotifyEvent read FOnPaint write FOnPaint;

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06